Hardstyle Kettlebell Channel Ep 2 - Total Body Tension

The ability to create tension quickly or over a long period of time is vital to one's success using kettlebells. Why?
  • Helps protect the spine and peripheral joints.
  • Increases force production.
  • Provides proximal stability that will lead to distal mobility.

One of the most vital areas to create tension when using kettlebells is the trunk and pelvis. In the Dragon Door world, we call this the Cylinder of Strength. This is the foundation for you to create stability and tension in other areas of your body.

However, before you can effectively create tension, you have to effectively breathe.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathing Behind the Shield
  • Building Tension in Supine
  • Breathing with weight on abdomen
  • Building Tension in Standing
Power Breathing in Standing
Now that we've established proper breathing diaphragmatically, creating total body tension, and breathing behind the shield, we can work to the plank. What's the big deal with the plank?
  • It's the top of the swing
  • It's an amazing exercise to connect your entire body into one unit of strength
Let's work out way to the ground. Read this for those that have difficulty with getting to the ground.

Hardstyle Plank

  • On Hands
  • On Knees
  • Elevated elbows
  • Elevated Hands
  • Elevated feet
  • Single limb
Now that we have the plank down (and thus the top of the swing), it's time to move onto the bottom portion - the Hip Hinge pattern. Tune in to Episode 03 for more!