Upper Quarter

Differentiating Between Weakness and Inhibition
Using Shoulder Taps as an Asssessment
Managing Lateral Epicondylagia
Acute TMD Case
Shoulder IR Mini Case
Capnotrainer Session - Acute Thumb Pain from Subluxation, Chronic EDS Symptoms
Face Slide Shoulder Test
SFMA Mentoring Session
Chains Assessment
Chronic UQ Weakness Case
SFMA Breakouts
Upper Quarter Screen
SFMA Multisegmental Rotation Breakouts
TMD Sample Eval
Upper and Lower Body Rolling Patterns
Education on Diaphragmatic Breathing
Upper Cervical Stability Testing
My 5 Preworkout Resets
TJ - Cervical-Shoulder Online Consult 1
TJ - Cervical-Shoulder Online Consult 2
TJ - Cervical-Shoulder Online Consult 3
TJ - Cervical-Shoulder Online Consult 4
Swimming Case - Cervical
Cervical Online Follow Up 1
Quick Case - Cervical Eval and Treat
Eval and Treat Cervical - Austin
Online Shoulder Eval - LA
Upper Cerv-Trap Pain - Eval and Treat
Easy Cervical Screen to Manipulation
2 PTs, 1 Neck
Multisegmental Rotation Testing
Cervical or Carpal Tunnel
Wrist-Elbow Online Consult
Quick Case - Shoulder Pain with Elevation
Shoulder Case
Online Thoracic Consult 1
Online Cervical-Lumbar Follow Up 3
Online Cervical-Lumbar Follow Up 4
Online Cervical-Lumbar Follow Up 5
Upper Cervical-Headaches Eval and Treat
Marketing TMD
Neurophysiology in Manual Therapy
Upper Quarter Rolling - Cues
Cervical Exam Treatment Tech Manipulation
Cervical Case Buffalo, NY

Lower Quarter

SFMA Mentoring Session
Chains Assessment
Lumbar/Hip Case in CrossFit Coach
SFMA Breakouts
Hip Pain Case - Pittsburgh
Lumbar Roll Case - Repeated Motions
SFMA Multisegmental Rotation Breakouts
My 5 Pre-workout Resets
Lateral Tibial Glide
Knee Pain Quick Case
Chris Johnson - Erson Knee Case
Online Knee Consult
Online Knee Consult Follow Up 1
Two Quick Knee Self Assessments
Assessing Sidegliding in Standing - Nuances
Chronic Hamstring Case
Online Lumbar Follow Up 1
Online Thoracic-Lumbar-Shoulde Consult
Lumbar-Hip Online Consult
Painful Squat Case
Ankle Online Case 1
Hip Case - Florida
Online Ankle Consult 1 - Triathlete
Online Ankle Consult 2 - Triathlete
Online - Lumbar Flexion Rapid Responder
Assessing Sidegliding in Standing
Marathoner Treadmill Analysis
Lower Quarter Assessments
Functional Movement Screen