Upper Quarter

Functional Dry Needling for Masseter and Tinnitus
Ball Rolling for Upper Trap
Dry Needling + IM Stimulation for Upper Trap
A Novel Way to Exercise the Rotator Cuff

Lower Quarter

3 Exercises You've Never Tried for Glutes
The Clamshell Exericse
A Novel Exercise for Achilles and Plantarfascia Issues
Achilles Tendinopathy and Weak Hips
Dry Needling for Shin Splints
A Novel and Active Way to Improve Hip Internal Rotation
Functional Dry Needling For Lateral Thigh Pain With RunningAssessing Adductor Tightness
Functional Dry Needling Vastus Medialis
Functional Dry Needling MCL
3 Knee Exercises for Osteoarthrtis
Novel Eccentric Hamstring Exercise
Eccentric Hamstring Exercise with Swiss Ball
End Stage ACL Rehab Exercises
ITB Assessment and Treatment