The Journal of Common Sense is the latest addition to Modern Manual Therapy! Reviews will be in video and audio form, in case you want to download for a listen while you are driving.

If you need a refresher lecture on Evidence Based Practice and Research application to practice. Check out Dr. Scotty Butcher's lecture series.

Audio reviews will be by Modern Manual Therapy contributors Dr. Scotty Butcher and Dr. Andrew Rothschild.

If I find a useful piece of research reviewed elsewhere, I'll post an audio version with credit given at the end where the review was found. Enjoy, learn and apply! - Dr. E

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Research Lectures

Intro to Evidenced Based Practice
Understanding Evidence
Interpreting RCTs

Research Reviews

Pain Science via Dr E

Dr. Andrew Rothschild 

Movement of the Spinal Cord During SLR Part 2
Movement of the Spinal Cord During SLR Part 1
Cardiovascular Disease and Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy
Negative Neurodynamic Tests Do Not Exclude Neural Dysfunction In Pts W/Entrapment Neuropathies
LBP, Mobilization, Press Ups and Effects on Discs
SMT Changes Pain Sensitivity in Individuals with LBP