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  • The Eclectic Approach - Novel Takes, often pain free of IASTM, Soft Tissue Work Cases and more
  • Clinical Practice Patterns - Lectures and live cases teaching you movement patterns that you will find in many UQ and LQ cases. Enhance your clinical decision making, spend more time engaging and educating your patient!
  • Neurodynamics - Eclectic Instruction and variations on Upper and Lower Limb Neurodynamic Assessment and Tx
  • Spinal Manipulation - instruction and demonstration on an easier and more comfortable way to manipulate the spine. Both thrust and non-thrust techniques are presented
  • Assessments - Easy movement screen and repeated motion based assessments, tons of live cases from Eclectic Approach Seminars, and more
  • Movement and Positional Based Techniques - Think of everything as a tone and/or motor control program rather than some mechanical one. Things are not "tight or adaptively short," in most cases pain free and movement based techniques work just as well if not better than passive "joint" based ones
  • Eval, Reset, and Stabilize - Coming soon - mini lectures on how to Assess and quickly Reset every area in the body from head to toe.
  • Stop Thought Viruses - Pain Science Stories and snippets to educate your patients
  • Full Webinars from leading experts
  • Bi-monthly research review on The Journal of Common Sense via Dr. Andrew Rothschild
  • Access to MMT Resources - a $199.99 value!
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