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Modern Rehab Mastery - our brand new one of a kind online mentoring program has launched! Since it includes MMT Premium, if you are already a member, show me your receipts for total payment and you will be reimbursed what you paid for as a discount to our new program! You will still have access to MMT Premium and Resources, but you'll also have access to online full version of Modern Manual Therapy, Modern Strength Training, and Modern Patient Education!

Latest Updates!
10-15-19: Upper Trap and Levator Scapula Manual Eccentrics

10-8-19: 2 Techniques for Overhead Mobility

10-2-19: Journal of Common Sense: Patient-Therapist Interaction

9-24-19: Tibial Internal Rotation Progression for Ankle Mobility and Knee Pain

9-18-19: Modern Patient Education Online Mentoring Q&A Session 1 - Sept 2019

9-9-19: Eval, Reset, and Stabilize Hamstrings

9-5-19: Modern Strength Training Mentoring Session 1 - Aug 2019

8-28-19: Journal of Common Sense - Kinesiophobia and Chronic Pain

8-20-19: Treatment Options in Motor Control Deficits of the Lumbo-Pelvic Area

8-12-19: Journal of Common Sense: Bilateral MRI for Unilateral Shoulder Pain

8-6-19: Problem Solving for Cervical Pain and Headaches

7-22-19: Managing Acute Low Back Pain

7-15-19: Eval, Reset, and Stabilize the Shoulder July 2019

7-10-19: Learning Cervical Thrust Manipulation

6-25-19: Modern Patient Education Mentoring Wrap Up Part 3

6-17-19: Problem Solving Lumbar Lateral Shift

6-10-19: Modern Patient Education Wrap Up Part 2

6-5-19: Problem Solving Severe Rib Pain

5-29-19: Modern Patient Education Mentoring Wrap Up Part 1

5-20-19: Lumbar Problem Solving for Severe Loading Intolerance

5-13-19: The GymPT Formula

4-29-19: Q&A on Pain Science and Changing Perception Rapidly

4-23-19: Benefits and Harms of SMT for the Tx of Chronic LBP

4-15-19: Q&A - LQ Clinical Practice Patterns and Current Cases


Eval-Reset-Stabilize - Start here!
The Journal of Common Sense
The Eclectic Approach
Spinal and Extremity Manipulation
EDGE Mobility System
Functional Mobilizations
Assessment - Live Cases
Mobility 2 Perform
Stop Thought Viruses

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