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Latest Updates!
4-16-18: Squat and LQ Neurodynamics Mini Case

4-9-18: Lower Quarter Rehab Progression Part 2

4-2-18: Low Back Pain: Does it Matter Which Exercise?

4-2-18: Apple Peels Put to the Test for Chronic Joint Pain

3-26-18: Lower Quarter Rehab Progression Part 1

3-19-18: Eval, Reset, and Stabilize: Hip Extension

3-12-18: Centralization Phenomenon as a Prognostic Factor in Low Back Pain

3-5-18: Tibial Internal Rotation and Single Limb Stance

2-26-18: Movement of Spinal Cord during SLR Part 3

2-19-18: Hip Pain with Squat Mini Case: LQ Clinical Practice Patterns

2-12-18: Movement of Spinal Cord During SLR Part 2

2-5-18: Eval, Reset, Stabilize: LCAP and Tx Progression

2-2-18: Protecting Yourself as a Solo PT from Sexual Harassment Issues

1-29-18: Spinal Cord Movement During SLR Part 1

1-22-18: IASTM for Cervical Retraction

1-15-18: Cardiovascular Disease and Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

1-8-18: Lumbar and Hip Treatment Progression

1-4-18: 5 Novel Sciatic Neurodynamic Exercises

12-27-17:  The Meaning of Negative Neurodynamic Testing

12-18-17: Upper Cervical Mobilization Progression

12-11-17: Pragmatic vs Prescriptive Study Designs on the Outcomes of LB and Neck Pain When Using Mob/Manip

12-4-17: Positional Inhibition Progression for Neurodynamic Dysfunction

11-28-17: Shoulder and Thoracic Treatment Progressions

11-20-18 - Some Simple Messages About Tendon Pain

11-15-17: 5 Step Hamstring Eccentric Exercise Progression


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The Journal of Common Sense
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Spinal and Extremity Manipulation
EDGE Mobility System
Functional Mobilizations
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Mobility 2 Perform
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