Modern Patient Education Online Mentoring Session 4 - Exercise Prescription

In the final MPE Online Mentoring session, Andrew and the mentees go over
  • A general exercise progression for a patient w/ subacute LBP w/ referral into buttock/posterior thigh
  • Exercise specificity?
    • For something like tendinopathy- yes
    • For NSLBP- specific to patient, not muscles
  • Lehman’s continuum: calm things down/build things up
  • Consideration of SINS when prescribing exercise/loading
  • HEP: less is more
  • Exercise purpose: symptom modulation, mobility/ROM, graded exposure
  • Allow for pain increase or keep symptom-free?
  • Exercise dosage- depends on goal/purpose
    • Symptom modulation: example- 10x every hour
    • mobility/ROM: multiple times a day (exercise snacks)
    • Resistance training: 2-3x/wk
  • Consider what other activities patient does daily or weekly
    • Lehman’s cup analogy
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