Ep 3 - Hip Hinging

The basis of hardstyle kettlebell (KB) training is the hip hinge.

Hip Hinge = the ability to maintain a neutral, braced spine while flexing/extending the hips.

This is different from a squat pattern where the knees and hips flex/extend throughout a similar range of motion. Hip hinging involves more relative hip range of motion than knee range of motion. This results in utilization of the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, etc.) in an explosive concentric and quick eccentric manner with the KB ballistic lifts (swing, clean, snatch).

This is very important as the result is a robust posterior chain that is strong, yet adaptable due to varying loads and speeds.

But...before we can start swinging...we must be able to hip hinge.

Hip Hinge

Troubleshooting for
  • Rounding of spine
  • Anterior weight shift (knees forward)
  • Progressions
  • Explosive hip hinge
  • Explosive hip hinge with power breathing
We're building the foundation for the KB swing. We have the top of the swing and now the bottom of the swing.

​Before we start to swing a bell, we have to make sure we can perform the hip hinge pattern under load AKA a Deadlift. Tune for this and more on Episode 04 of the Hardstyle Kettlebell Channel.