Hardstyle Kettlebell Ep 5 - The Swing

In Episode 05 of the Hardstyle Kettlebell Channel..

  • How do you build up to the kettlebell swing?
  • What are the proper steps to take to do the swing effectively?
In Episode 04, we went over the KB deadlift which is the bottom part of the swing.

Now we're going to bring things together to create the KB swing.  If you get the KB swing down, say goodbye to 75% of your fitness routine.  It's that powerful and effective in many modes.

It's helpful to view the KB swing like a slingshot.  In the bottom of the deadlift position, you hike the bell between your legs - elastically loading your posterior chain.

You release the "slingshot" and violently push your legs into the ground utilizing your posterior chain and power breath.  This results in a forward projection of the KB (not upwards).

As the KB makes its way up to shoulder height, the body replicates the Hardstyle Plank and creates tension all throughout the body.

The KB stops at shoulder height and then makes its way down into the bottom of the deadlift position...thus stretching the slingshot once again.

This is a lot for someone new though.  Lets go through the steps to get to the swing once they have the deadlift down pat.
  • Drags
  • Hikes
  • Pendulums
  • Dead Stop Swings
  • Continuous Swings