HK Ep 7 - Single Arm Swing

Since we last covered the Double Arm (DA) Swing, you should have the swing pattern grooved and able to generate some serious force!

Let's progress to the next level...the Single Arm (SA) Swing!  This style of KB swing is unique to the DA Swing because SA Swings:
  • Provide asymmetrical loading
  • Promote anti-rotation strength
  • Greater develop grip strength
  • Allow for larger chested men/women to perform swings
The SA Swing is not better or worse than the DA Swing, just different.

The key to a good SA Swing is the ability to PACK YOUR SHOULDER.  This allows you to transmit the force generated from your hips to the movement of the KB.

In this episode, we'll cover:
  • Principles to the SA Swing
  • Shoulder Packing
  • Common Faults: Loading one hip more than another, Excessive rotation, Shoulder not packed
  • Hand to Hand Interchanges