Create a Cash Practice Without Marketing to Physicians

How do I get physicians to refer patients to my therapy practice?

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In my practice, I do not market to physicians. I have a 100% cash based physical therapy practice, with more than 95% of my patients seen directly with out a referral or prescription. Physicians do not refer patients to my practice. They and their patients are not my target customer and do not typically understand the value of the service that I provide.

If you have a therapy practice you need to offer or give physicians and other referral partners (yoga teachers, personal trainers, Pilates instructors, athletic trainers, massage therapists) something of value that will help them and their patients/clients. In turn they will feel compelled to refer patients to you. A blog is one of the best and easiest ways to leverage your relationship and create new referral partners. Find people who you want to form a relationship and use your blog as the catalyst either by asking for an interview or offering to let them write a guest blog post. 

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