Lower Body Strengthening for Gymnasts

It's well known that the summer is a golden window for gymnasts to build strength for the upcoming competitive year. Lower body strength is the foundation of success for gymnastics, and for this to develop we must train pushing and pulling movements that are both hip and knee dominant, but also involve unilateral work. If your starting to plan your summer strength, here are some single leg ideas that are staples in all levels of our programming. I program an an equal spread of general physical preparedness type exercises and some more gymnastics specific exercises. Sets, reps, load, and volume is all highly individualized to all of our athletes, and is always based on the quality of motion first. This is all tracked over 12 weeks in a personal binder our athletes have. If this seems a bit overwhelming to develop a formal, periodized strength program, seek out qualified strength coaches in your area and brainstorm some ideas up (Y) #gymnastis #strength #performance #injuryprevention #SHIFT #TeamChampion
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