Eval, Reset, Stabilize for Hip Extension

In the above 10 min mini case, I go over Eval, Reset, and Stabilize for loss of hip extension. The physio was a former dancer, and like gymnasts, they often have hypermobile lumbar spines in extension and a lack of hip extension. Hip extension is limited and also has decreased endurance once restored.

  • prone hip extension active and passive
  • emphasize hip extension in sagittal plane, they will often abduct hip to compensate for loss when tested both actively and passively
  • compare passive end feels, should be firm
  • pain free psoas inhibition (QL if needed, but not in this case)
  • Isometric single leg bridge
  • may do double leg bridge if this is difficult
  • may also do bridge like hip extension against wall in standing - goal is to fire hip extensors to promote active hip extension pattern and inhibit hypertonic hip flexors