Lumbar Mini Case

Checkout The Eclectic Approach to Modern Motor Control, lead instructor Eric Dinkins with a demo of how he would use The Motion Guidance System on a lumbopelvic case.

Eric says:

Joint Position Sense deficits have been linked to lower back pain in the literature. This information, mixed with an understanding of what types of feedback improve Motor Learning, can help a clinician address movement deficits that may be contributing to lower back pain. This video is a snippet from a Motor Control and Motor Learning class for the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip complex taught by Eric M. Dinkins, PT, MSPT, OCS, Cert. MT, MCTA, CCI for Motion Guidance. He reviews assessment and treatment of lumbo-pelvic dissociation in quadruped using a variety of auditory, tactile, and visual forms of feedback using the Motion Guidance Clinician kit. This course participant had chronic low back pain and volunteered for demonstration. What you see is fascinating!! And adds great insight into how our chronic pain patients can respond to various types of feedback and motivation. Yielding immediate improvements in movement, motor control, and yields improved retention and true learning.