Supine CT Junction Thrust Manipulation Variation

Last week I finished another fun and informative MMT: The Eclectic Approach to Spinal Manipulation in Santiago, Chile. My good friend, The World Manual Therapist in the World (hilarious Untold Physio Stories Podcast ep), Nelson Adrian showed me a variation of The CT Junction Thrust Manipulation in Supine.
  • spinous processes go between thenar/hypothenar eminces of fulcrum hand
  • over roll the patient onto your fulcrum hand for more weight
  • take up all the slack of the patient's crossed arms by extending/pushing them down into the patient's trunk
  • the patient lifts their pelvis on command to increase the fulcrum
  • thrust is delivered to the patient's top elbow in a A/P direction
  • thrust in the middle of the exhale (patient may start to tense at the end in anticipation)
After this, make sure to instruct repeated cervical retraction with overpressure dosed throughout the day to keep in new mobility.

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