Novel and Easy Lumbar Assessment

Often unilateral lumbar, SI, hip and many lower quarter presentations have a loss of ability to accept load in the ipsilateral or involved lumbar spine. Normally I use sidegliding in standing to assess for this, but came up with an even easier way. Let me know what you find! If someone has a loss or painful limitation to the same side of Sx in lumbar spine/hip or other LQ presentation, load it to end range and re-assess pain, function, and mobility.

If a patient has limited loaded SB to the involved side, try repeated loading strategies like
  • Sidegliding in Standing
  • press ups with hips offset (hips away from the painful side)
  • lumbar rotation mobilization, loading the involved side (painful side down on the table)
Try this instead of SGIS to check for LQ Clinical Practice Patterns.

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