Cervical Upglide Rotatory Thrust Manipulation

In this 7 min instruction video from MMT: The Eclectic Approach to Spinal Manipulation I go over
  • the components for getting a mid range barrier
  • how to develop your speed for cervical rotatory thrust manipulation
  • end range loading and test-rest of cervical and shoulder patterns before and after the thrust manip
Possible needed treatments to use in this case
  • IASTM to involved side cervical spine and upper trap
  • isometrics resisted SB or rotation into the barrier to reduce tone prior to the thrust and exhale
Stabilize with
  • unilateral eccentric isometric shoulder shrug - i.e. if L sided involved/limited, after thrust manip and repeated retraction and SB/rot to L for several days, use kettlebell/dumbbell in left hand, concentric shoulder shrug up, eccentric slowly lower with isometric push at the bottom into scapular depression
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