Eval, Reset, and Stabilize Chronic Ankle Sprain

In this 7 min quick video I abbreviate a PT session for a chronic ankle sprain

  • findings
    • pain in sinus tarsi area with squat
    • sprained ankle playing softball ~ 10 months ago
    • came to see me when she was acute, mainly gave resets to desensitize - she admits even as a PT (pediatric PT) - she was noncompliant with homework
    • difficulty accepting load on right side with squat
    • lateral tibial glide limited
    • reset with SGIS made initial squat load better and pain free
    • pain was only found with lateral weight shift to right in full deep squat
    • improvised lateral tibial glide with overpressure to tibia pulling laterally and pressure to talus medially made weight shift pain free
    • HEP: self reset with SGIS and lateral tibial glide 10 times hourly, after 1 week progress to eccentric/isometric goblet squats to load