Modern Patient Education Mentoring Wrap Up Part 1

In this 31+ min video Andrew wraps up thoughts and does Q&A from the Modern Rehab Mastery Portion of Modern Patient Education. Thoughts and Q&A on

Pain science education
  • Reducing fear
  • Distinguishing hurt from harm
  • Understanding tissue healing times
  • Clarify misconceptions
  • Helpful analogies
  • What constitutes normal breathing?
  • Making people aware of breathing pattern
  • Systemic effects of abnormal breathing
  • Why it’s important
  • Strategies to implement with patients
  • Graded exposure
  • Principles are same just scaled appropriately to each patient
  • Using exercise/movement to build confidence and create a positive experience
  • Asking for permission to have conversation
  • A lot of culture/religion ingrained beliefs attached to nutrition
  • Providing information rather than giving advice