Problem Solving Lumbar Lateral Shifts

In this 15 min video I go over a particularly difficult lumbar lateral shift case I saw recently. The patient had 8-10/10 pain, acute as of 1 day and had difficulty walking - the day before I saw him, it took him 2.5 hours to walk approximately 10 feet. The main points I go over are

  • my problem solving process
  • why you need to correct a shift first and foremost
  • using isometrics in different angles
  • how to progress from NWB loading to partial, to full WB loading
  • HEP
After 3 days, the patient had texted me and told me he returned to working out lightly, but still had some difficulties with sitting. Quite a difference from the first two days! Even after my first visit, he was able to walk all around the house and remain upright (straight). Hope this video helps!