Eval, Reset, and Stabilize the Shoulder July 2019

In this 18 min video I go follow up for a "second" visit - the patient is a PT at a MMT UQ and LQ Assessment and Tx course. On the first day, her chronic L shoulder pain was significantly improved with IASTM to L upper trap patterns, followed by end range cervical retraction and SB to the L with overpressure. She is a blog follower and watches my videos, and has taken courses online, but was not pushing herself to end range. On day 2, her left shoulder was much improved, with some mild "soreness" from performing her HEP.

In this video, I treat her R shoulder only as the cervical patterns were consistent with L UQ issues (limited to cervical retraction and SB L, trunk rotation to L). Shoulder patterns were limited more with extension and IR on the R - so that was the focus to restore the R shoulder pain at end range and with a painful arc.

  • shoulder patterns
  • resetting the shoulder with an EDGE Mobility Band
  • manually testing whether or not a patient is ready to stabilize with overhead carries