Thoracic Whips to Improve Overhead Mobility

This quick 6 min video is for the newer MMT Insider members or those who need a quick review. Thoracic whips, for those who fit the UQ Clinical Practice Pattern of decreased trunk rotation toward the involved side shoulder, cervical, or obviously trunk/rib pain/Sx are an easy reset. Especially for those who are "addicted to crack" and really want a manipulation or love chiropractic adjustment. The thoracic spine is often dysfunctional but also often not painful. Backup in research - manipulation to thoracic spine improves shoulder motion/pain, improves cervical motion and pain as well as cervicogenic HA. So think about it this way, maybe someone is in a ton of shoulder or cervical pain, wants treatment to that area, but they are too sensitized for direct treatment. Use a thoracic manipulation followed by thoracic whips for the Recovery Plan.
  • Recovery Plan
    • Thoracic Whips Hourly - reducing to just prior to working out or sport as part of a dynamic warm up
    • overhead kettlebell/dumbbell carries to stabilize the area