Virtual Visit For Runner's Hip Pain

Virtual Visit for Runner's Hip Pain

In this Virtual Visit/Telehealth session I see a previous patient. In the past she responded to hip manual therapy and lumbar loading strategies.

  • the anterior tilt sidebend test was FP going to the right and FN going to the left
  • it doesn't fit the pattern but based on the previous history I still prescribed repeated extension in standing modified loading left (pelvis moves forward and to the right to load the left)
  • since I couldn't do the LCAP test, I moved quickly to testing lateral chain strength with 1 minute holds of super planks and side clams
  • since her involved side was weaker and less stable, these were given for strength/stability exercises on her Recovery Plan
  • after performing the resets and daily super clams and sideplanks to fatigue, she reported no hip pain at night or after runs
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