Virtual Visit: Chronic LBP with Maladaptive Beliefs

In this virtual visit, I reconnect with a former patient (who only worked with me one visit before). He was concerned with having several bulging discs on MRI. He works as a personal trainer and normally improves with prone press ups, but they were not working as well as in prior years. Currently he was being treated by an acupuncturist for dry needling, which also improved his complaints.

However, he had NO HOME PROGRAM. Things I made sure to accomplish with this visit
  • educate him on "normal" positive MRI findings
  • empower him with a Recovery Plan
  • liken the Recovery Plan to him training a patient with a workout plan
  • reduce his fear and maladaptive beliefs
After this one visit, he texted me a few times noticing a HUGE difference in his extension, but on occasion he wasn't able to keep the improvements. I told him to do it more often if it was helping. He texted me asking if flexion based activities exercises were ok, I told him to follow the Stop Light Rule. Two weeks after the visit, he was completely back to working out, training clients and feeling better about himself.

He gave an amazing testimonial!

Thanks again Dr. E You've taken my fear and doubt and turned it into optimism and confidence

Bonus - here is the Recovery Plan I used for the patient