Cost-effective Marketing using Customized Handouts and Exercise Programs

This webinar teaches you how to think beyond handouts just for exercises on what patients should do at home. Handouts are effective marketing and branding for your clinic and services. You will learn the anatomy of a patient handout to use for marketing by teaching you how to convert JEPG files to .PNG files with no background to .GIF files and even convert to line art. You get tip on how to do these on your own and resources to have them done for you to save you time. These concepts will be combined to show you how to create your own mini or comprehensive exercise programs to use for marketing. A dropbox link is provide with several files that you can use to get you started.

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

List the anatomy of a patient handout, organize and structure information into handout format to give to patients (for their education and for marketing your clinic)

Know the resources to:
  • make pictures with no background
  • make your own gifs/motion picture files
  • Get quality content editing that is fast and inexpensive
  • Create handouts/QR codes for getting 5-star Google Reviews
  • Hire a graphic designer but save time using templates
  • Understand the importance of branding with patient handouts
  • Utilize the concepts of making handouts to mini-programs and comprehensive programs.