Balance and Vestibular Exercise using MotionGuidance® Visual Feedback System

My colleagues over at Motion Guidance, one of my favorite in-clinic tools for balance and motor control put together a great webinar! In it, they review
  • Cervical Motor Control
  • Head/Trunk Dissociation
  • Posture: Lumbo-Pelvic ROM
  • Posture: Kyphosis -Balance: Head Position
  • Step Drill: Head Position
  • Balance: UE movements -Balance: Trunk Positions
  • ROM: Cervical Range
  • ROM: Cervical Retraction
  • Joint Positional Awareness
  • Neuro- Saccades
  • Neuro- Smooth Pursuit
  • Neuro- VOR/Gaze Stability
  • Vestibular-Butterfly Walk -Vestibular-
  • Sport Drills / Peripheral Vision Training

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