Lower Quarter Rehab Progression Part 1

This video series discusses maximizing rehab performance in persons with knee pain, from the acute level though advanced RTS level exercise.

The first section will review common exercise prescription, with the addition of visual feedback to maximize performance based on areas clients usually struggle with.  This will include quad setting, short arc quad, straight leg raise, open chain hip abduction for position as well as proprioceptive challenge, and closed chain gait cues for terminal knee extension

From there we progress to closed chain performance during squats, to assist in squat depth via hip hinge, positional awareness, varus-valgus control, and progress to single leg squats and hopping with visual feedback to monitor common areas of struggle.

In this series you will learn
  • How to apply visual feedback for all stages of progression in knee rehabilitation
  • What movements to emphasize, as well as cue during specific exercise progressions
  • Motor control learning principals implemented into common exercise
  • How to progress patients based on real-time feedback of performance
  • Novel ways of engaging patients to maximize performance, from identifying quad lag during SLR, to identifying stiff knee landing during single leg jumping

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