Shoulder Mobility Case - Shoulder and Thoracic Patterns

In this 21 min instructional video I go over
  • Upper Quarter Clinical Practice Patterns for Shoulder and Thoracic Spine
  • Wall Slide test for thoracic and shoulder mobility
  • Repeated loading strategies for the shoulder and thoracic spine
  • positional inhibition for thoracic paraspinals
  • Novel ways to mobilize the thoracic spine
  • prone thoracic thrust manipulation
Possible needed treatments to use in this case
  • IASTM to involved side upper trap, scapular borders, thoracic paraspinals
  • EDGE Mobility Band to improve repeated shoulder IR and extension
  • thoracic mobilization/thrust manipulation
  • resets - repeated shoulder extension/IR, thoracic whips to the involved side
  • stabilize with 90-90 shoulder ER and ipsilateral trunk rotation
  • weighted tall kneeling trunk rotation