Supine Cervical Retraction, Traction, and Sidebending to Reset Shoulder and Trunk

In this 14 min video I review

  • looking at cervical, shoulder, trunk UQ Clinical Practice Patterns
  • unloading and using traction to restore cervical retraction and SB toward the involved side shoulder/trunk limitation
  • test-rest shoulder, trunk mobility after reset
  • patient will continue to reset with cervical retraction and SB to the left in this case with overpressure in sidebending
  • thoracic whips to the left or repeated shoulder extensions may be added on visit 2-3 if shoulder/trunk limtations are still present after a few days/week of cervical resets
  • stabilize shoulder with overhead carries or 90-90 trunk rotation, stabilize upper trap/cervical spine with eccentric isometric shoulder shrugs