Problem Solving Persistent Radiating Cervical Complaints

In this 13 min video I review
  • different ways to load a neurodynamic treatment
    • use IASTM or compression wrapping first to make the testing position as threat-free as possible
    • then mobilize the entire neural container, passive oscillations at each joint
    • add joint mobilizations to each joint in the patterns
    • with two people one person mobilizes the spine or first rib, especially with the spine, mobilize the segments corresponding to the peripheral nerve that the other person (or the patient) is actively mobilizing
  • to further centralize the complaints, try traction, retraction and SB, similar to the video I recently posted
  • if the patient cannot tolerate the traction technique, take 30-45 min over heat/ice/stim to patient comfort and preference and grade their exposure to end range, which many times centralizes their complaints
    • think the more persistent the complaints, the longer duration or time it may take to get them to end range