Modern Manual Therapy Online Mentoring Session 2 Apr 2021

In the second session of Modern Manual Therapy Online Mentoring Dr E and the mentees go over
  • why lumbar discs may be more relevant as symptom generators than cervical discs
  • the importance of explaining pain, exercise, and treatments with a positive light
  • why do repeated motions work on the spine (and everywhere else)
  • end range loading compared to mobilization and manipulation
  • another way to explain sensitization - from mentee Stefan - counterfeiting money
  • is there value to being aggressive with soft tissue work - why might that work better on some individuals?
  • who is evidenced based in terms of different commercial models? How do they define it?
  • how do tissues actually lengthen? What does it take in terms of force/duration?
  • any studies showing actual tissue/fascia changes?