Virtual Visit: Chronic Thoracic with Acute Lumbar Part 2

In this virtual visit with J - back again for a follow up to his chronic thoracic pain, but also now having more acute lumbar with radiating LE pain issues. I go over
  • using a kettlebell/dumbbell and active/isometric SB to made SGIS threat free
  • adding trunk rotation/SB to neurodynamics to desensitize the movement
  • adding isometric hip extension to further desensitize SGIS - it sometimes works very well but did not in this case
  • using an EDGE Mobility Band to further reduce neurodynamic "tension"
  • volume and graded progression back to activity/sports and how/why basketball might flare up his thoracic spine
  • end range overpressure and different techniques to make cervical retraction and OP less threatening