Interview with Motion Guidance

In this 38 min video, I'm interviewed by one of the founders/creators of the Motion Guidance System. We go over
  • Why I love using the Motion Guidance Kit and when I fit it into my system
  • Regardless of level of expertise in a sport/movement they still may need visual feedback to process movements
  • why verbal cueing isn't ideal vs minimal cueing
  • the foundations of the Eclectic Approach
  • How and why successful treatment approaches work - hint, it's all for the same nonspecific reasons
  • the trend of too much hands off - my job is to just wait for natural history progression
  • the Strength Training only trend, manual therapy not needed
  • PT as a commodity vs hair stylist and patient's perceptions of PT as a service vs healthcare
  • Recovery Plan vs home exercise program
  • Have the toolbox AND clinical decision making, why choose only one?