Q&A with 4th Year Exercise Science Students

In this 45 min video, I'm do a live Q&A with a colleague's 4th year Exercise Science Students. I got asked a lot of good questions, especially because they are not clinicians yet.
  • How did you make the transition from manual therapy to having patients treat themselves?
  • Do you feel that social media has changed your career in a positive way since you have such a broad follower base?
  • What's the fastest way to release a psoas? Manual Therapy? Active Release?
  • Do you feel like the choices you made in college helped you get to the position. you are at now?
  • With regards to dosage , are you able to have the same application with people who are severely debilitated. If a client is restricted due to injury, are they still given a program that they must follow at home?
  • How often do you have telehealth patients? (If any)
  • What are your thoughts on manual therapy, there are some people that are hesitant about the effectiveness?
  • Do you see yourself retiring as a physical therapist, or have you considered switching careers?
  • Do you feel that social media is necessary for physical therapists who're outside of the traditional medical setting to gain clientele?

How easy was it for you to find where to put your clinic?
do you find it more difficult to be a PT who doesn't take insurance, rather than those who do?