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Eval-Reset-Stabilize is finally live! Start with this page to learn MMT's Clinical Practice Patterns of the Upper and Lower Quarter, see live cases and more. Shoulder Eval-Reset is now live!

The long awaited webinars page is now live! Exclusive webinars (only viewable for MMT Premium members or for purchase on EDGE Mobility System). Inaugural webinars are Using Google Apps as Affordable EMR and Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction Training.

Latest Updates!
2-22-17: IASTM Mini Lecture and Q&A

2-14-17: Do You Take My Insurance Phone Call Script

2-9-17: Managing Lateral Epicondylalgia

1-31-17: Teaching the Squat and Deadlift in Clinical Practice Webinar
1-23-17: Managing Acute Lumbar Exacerbation Tx Sequence

1-12-17: Farmer's Carry Series - System of a Run

1-9-17: Stop Thought Viruses: Fractures are Not Related to Pain

1-2-17: Acute Cervical Case - Clinical Practice Patterns

12-30-16: Physical Factors in the CFT Approach to Chronic Pain Management

12-19-16: Apparently, 45 Minutes is Too Far to Travel to Physical Therapy

12-14-16: Achilles Tendinopathy and Weak Hips

12-13-16: Corporate Wellness Blueprint Webinar

12-9-16: Ginger for Osteoarthritis - #PTKitchen

12-7-16: Shoulder Posterior Cuff Eccentrics on Somatic Senses - NEW partner channel

11-29-16: Using a Pinboard to Explain Cortical Smudging

11-16-16: Lower Quarter Eval, Reset, and Stabilize Progression

11-14-16: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction on Webinars

11-10-16: Dry Needling for Shin Splints

11-9-16: How to Build a Relationship with Patients That LEADS to Marriage #BizPT

11-2-16: How Smoking in 1956 is Like Eating in 2016 - #PT Kitchen

11-1-16: MSK Ultrasound of the Shoulder Webinar

10-31-16: 2 Easy Ways to Modulate Pinch During Prone Press Ups

10-28-16: 5 Great Metaphors/Analogies from 5 Clinicians

10-27-16: #CastPT Lunch Hour: Jerry Durham is Out of Network with Everyone


Eval-Reset-Stabilize - Start here!
The Eclectic Approach
Spinal and Extremity Manipulation
EDGE Mobility System
Functional Mobilizations
Assessment - Live Cases
Mobility 2 Perform
Stop Thought Viruses

Partner Channels

Somatic Senses - via Dr. Michael Maxwell
PT Kitchen:Fuel Good - via Mike Eisenhart and Dr. Michael Greger
Clinical Pearls - via Shane Physiotherapy
Shift Movement Science - via Dr. Dave Tilley
System of a Run - via Chris Johnson of Zeren PT
Hardstyle KB Channel via Dr. Dustin Jones
#BizPT - via Paul Gough and Dr. Aaron LeBauer
The Lifter's Clinic - via Dr. Mario Novo