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New premium partner channel! Real Movement with Adam Wolf - Adam will be contributing regularly to his own channel. He is the NY Times Best Selling author of Real Movement. I read it earlier this year and it provided a unique take on movement assessment and view on function.

The Journal of Common Sense is now Live! Look for new videos or audio files every week. We're starting with a lecture series on research review from Dr. Scotty Butcher! Dr. Andrew Rothschild will also be contributing!

The long awaited webinars page is now live! Exclusive webinars (only viewable for MMT Premium members or for purchase on EDGE Mobility System). Inaugural webinars are Using Google Apps as Affordable EMR and Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction Training.

Latest Updates!
6-27-17: The Frictional Properties of the Thoracic Skin-Fascia Interface - Journal of Common Sense

6-19-17: IASTM Progression to Cervical Thrust Manipulation

6-14-17: Microbiome: We are What They Eat - #PTKitchen

6-13-17: A Natural History of Frozen Shoulder - The Journal of Common Sense

6-5-17; Q&A from MMT UQ and LQ Mississauga 2017 + Advice

5-30-17: Naming 3D Joint Motion - Real Movement

5-24-17: A Paradigm Shift in Manual Therapy - JOCS

5-18-17: The Clamshell Exercise via Clinical Pearls

5-16-17: Ankle Clinical Practice Patterns Part 2 + Mobilization

5-12-17: Which Spices Fight Inflammation - #PTKitchen

5-10-17: Warm-Up Matrix for Runners and Triathletes

5-8-17: REAL Movement Webinar

4-27-17: How to Develop a Healthy Gut Ecosystem

4-18-17: Breathing Assessment and Unilateral Rib Expansion


Eval-Reset-Stabilize - Start here!
The Journal of Common Sense
The Eclectic Approach
Spinal and Extremity Manipulation
EDGE Mobility System
Functional Mobilizations
Assessment - Live Cases
Mobility 2 Perform
Stop Thought Viruses

Partner Channels

Somatic Senses - via Dr. Michael Maxwell
PT Kitchen:Fuel Good - via Mike Eisenhart and Dr. Michael Greger
Clinical Pearls - via Shane Physiotherapy
Shift Movement Science - via Dr. Dave Tilley
System of a Run - via Chris Johnson of Zeren PT
Hardstyle KB Channel via Dr. Dustin Jones
#BizPT - via Paul Gough and Dr. Aaron LeBauer
The Lifter's Clinic - via Dr. Mario Novo